Exploring Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1: Experience Ultimate Comfort Contact Lenses!

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In the contact lens market, there are not only different types such as daily, fortnightly, or monthly, but also many products exist due to differences in materials (such as silicone hydrogel with high oxygen permeability) and the technologies of each manufacturer. And through the daily efforts of each manufacturer, contact lenses are evolving every day.

This time, we'll be revealing Alcon's one of the top-selling brands in the market, DAILIES TOTAL1.

Leveraging Alcon's technology, DAILIES TOTAL1 was born with its own unique features, offering a higher level of contact lens.

DAILIES TOTAL1 provides a natural wearing experience, almost as if you're wearing nothing.
You might have seen their advertisement/TV commercial with "TOTAL1 and forget the 3 O'clock Twitch."

Let's explore the features of this premium contact lens, DAILIES TOTAL1.



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Unparalleled Moisture: Stay Hydrated From Dawn To Dusk

DAILIES TOTAL1 keeps your eyes moisturised throughout the day and into the night, preventing dryness. This is thanks to the inclusion of a component called "phosphatidylcholine" in the lens.

Phosphatidylcholine is a naturally occurring component in the body, found in human tears and cell membranes. When incorporated into the lens, phosphatidylcholine harmonises with tears as needed, preventing moisture evaporation. Through Alcon's SmarTears Technology, these lenses ensure long-lasting hydration even during extended wear.

Ultimate Comfort Lenses: Experience The Barely-There Sensation

DAILIES TOTAL1 are designed to be conveniently soft and easy to handle, making them easy to wear and naturally fitting into the eyes.

Contact lenses are inherently affected by their water content, which impacts their ease of handling. Contact lenses with high water content tend to cause less discomfort when worn but are more difficult to handle. Conversely, contact lenses with low water content are easier to handle due to their firmer shape but may cause more discomfort.

To address this, DAILIES TOTAL1 combines softness and ease of handling with its unique "water gradient technology." The high water content at the lens surface ensures softness, while the lower water content in the lens core makes them easy to handle, providing the best of both worlds.

High Oxygen Permeability: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

DAILIES TOTAL1 are made from silicone hydrogel material, providing excellent oxygen permeability and a gentle wearing experience for the eyes. Since the cornea lacks blood vessels and relies on minimal oxygen content in tears, any deficiency can lead to redness or eye conditions.

High oxygen permeability ensures that the lenses deliver ample oxygen to the cornea. In essence, DAILIES TOTAL1, with its superior oxygen permeability, helps prevent eye redness and diseases caused by corneal oxygen deficiency, making it a gentle option for the eyes.

The Ideal Candidate For DAILIES TOTAL1

Given the distinctive features of DAILIES TOTAL1, it's an ideal recommendation for individuals who experience dryness while wearing contact lenses. With its ability to maintain moisture for extended periods, it's perfect for those with dry eyes or who rely heavily on eye drops.

Moreover, its exceptional softness and ease of handling make it a great choice for those who find traditional contact lenses stressful. There's no worry about them being too soft to wear comfortably or feeling bulky due to their firm material. It's truly a step up in contact lens technology, offering a new level of comfort and usability.

Tips For Proper Contact Lens Removal

Some users may find it difficult to remove DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses due to their high water content, which makes them adhere closely to the eyes. Attempting to forcibly remove them can make it even more challenging, so it's important to remain calm and handle the situation carefully.

Here are some tips for proper removal: Instead of directly pinching the lens, start by gently sliding it towards the white part of the eye. There's a slight ridge where the white part and the coloured part of the eye meet, making it easier for the lens to lift off. Once the lens is pulled down to the white part of the eye, use your index finger and thumb to firmly pinch it off.


DAILIES TOTAL1 (Daily Contact Lenses)

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Type Daily
Packaging 30 lenses per box
Base Curve 8.5 mm
Diameter 14.1 mm
Content 67% Delefilcon A (Silicone hydrogel) & 33% water
Dk/L 156
Base Price NZ$52.90

Experience comfortable contact lens wear with high oxygen permeability, providing a natural feel and lasting comfort.

*Dk/L is a value obtained by dividing the Dk value by the thickness of the contact lens, representing its oxygen permeability.

A higher Dk/L number indicates a greater ability for oxygen to pass through the lens. Learn more about Oxygen Permeability.

For those with Hyperopia (farsightedness), DAILIES TOTAL1 For Hyperopia is also available.

DAILIES TOTAL1 For Astigmatism (Daily/Toric Contact Lenses)

a picture of dailies total1 for astigmatism lenses
Product DAILIES TOTAL1 For Astigmatism
Type Daily Toric (for astigmatism)
Packaging 30 lenses per box
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Diameter 14.5 mm
Content 67% Delefilcon A (Silicone hydrogel) & 33% water
Dk/L 127
Base Price NZ$69.90

For individuals with astigmatism, enjoy comfortable contact lens wear featuring high oxygen permeability, delivering a natural feel and lasting comfort throughout the day.

DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal (Daily/Multifocal Contact Lenses)

a picture of dailies total1 multifocal lenses
Product DAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal
Type Daily Multifocal (for presbyopia)
Packaging 30 lenses per box
Base Curve 8.5 mm
Diameter 14.1 mm
Content 67% Delefilcon A (Silicone hydrogel) & 33% water
Dk/L 156
Base Price NZ$79.90

For individuals with presbyopia, enjoy comfortable contact lens wear with high oxygen permeability, delivering a natural feel and lasting comfort throughout the day.

These contact lenses feature Alcon's proprietary prescription distribution design, providing comprehensive coverage for near-to-far distances, ensuring clear and accurate vision across all ranges.

Authentic Experiences: Discover What DAILIES TOTAL1 Customers Are Saying!

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The feedback provided here is based on our customer experiences with DAILIES TOTAL1. For additional reviews, please visit the product pages for each specific item.

Screenshot of two 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, as seen on the Quicklens website. 
        The first review says:
        I’ve tried many contacts, but the feeling of wearing these lenses are the best. I don’t feel like  I’m wearing them even when I wear them for a long time with the air conditioner on. They feel so unnoticeable that I sometimes forget if I’ve taken them off.
        The second review says: The lenses feel very light on my eyes. I used to get bloodshot eyes, but ever since I switched to this, it hasn’t happened at all. That’s why I will keep repeating my purchase.

Today, we took a close look at DAILIES TOTAL1, a popular brand in the market. Especially for those who spend long hours using computers and suffer from dry eyes, silicone hydrogel contact lenses are recommended.

With silicone hydrogel contact lenses, you can maintain healthy, moisture-rich eyes!

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