Dailies Total 1 (30 Pack)

Daily disposable Contact lenses

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Silicone hydrogel
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Additional Information

Type: Daily disposable

Packaging: 30 lenses per box

Content: 67% Delefilcon A (Silicone hydrogel) & 33% water


Manufacturer: Alcon

Product Description
Are you experiencing dry eyes? Find relief with the exceptional comfort and moisture retention of Dailies Total 1!

Dailies Total 1 are revolutionary daily contact lenses with an innovative design and widespread popularity in the market. With a lens surface containing over 80% moisture, these lenses provide hydration comparable to the natural surface of your eyes. Experience up to 6 times more breathability compared to regular contact lenses, ensuring optimal airflow for your eyes. Made with the latest silicone hydrogel material, these daily contact lenses offer exceptional comfort and performance. The incorporation of "SmarTears Technology" helps prevent tear evaporation, ensuring long-lasting moisture throughout the day.

Buy Dailies Total 1 now to enjoy moisture-rich and comfortable vision all day long!

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