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Forgot my password

Q: What if I have forgotten my password?

A: Please go to our Reset Password page.

1. Enter the email address you registered with to request a password reset email.
2. You will receive an email from us with a link to reset your password.
3. Follow this link to the password reset form, where you can enter your new password.


Shipping & Delivery

Q: When will my order be delivered? Can I check the status of my order?

A: Provided the lenses are in stock, we typically deliver within 10 days. However, should your lenses be out of stock, we will inform you by email about the expected delivery date. While arrival of Toric lenses to our facilities might take up to one month, others are typically restocked within a week and will be delivered promptly.

* You can use [Track Your Order] to obtain an estimated arrival date.
* If you ordered Toric lenses, you will not be able to cancel during this restocking phase.


Q: What if I am away when the order arrives?

A: If the package is still in the hands of the transporter, you can contact them and you may still be able to receive the package. However, after a certain length of time, your package will be returned to the sender (QUICKLENS). If you find the shipping company has returned your order while you were away, please send us an email and we will re-send your order, but the extra shipping charge will be at your expense.


Q: Can I specify a specific date for delivery?

A:We are not able to control the delivery date directly, but you may contact the shipping company and ask them to deliver your order on a certain date. We cannot guarantee that they will be able to accommodate your request.


Q: Do you offer any special delivery options?

A: We do not offer special delivery or rush shipments at this time.


Q: Can I send my order to a location other than New Zealand?

A: Due to strict controls on medical devices, we are unable to ship to locations outside New Zealand.


Q: What if the package has been returned to QUICKLENS due to an error in my address?

A: Please contact us by email. Our costumer service will instruct you about necessary steps to take and we will re-send your package. (Since we are not responsible for address errors on your part re-shipping will be at your expense.)

* If more than one year passes since the date the order was originally shipped, we will not be able to re-send the order or issue a refund.


Shipping charges

Q: How much is the shipping charge?

A: The shipping charge is NZ$13.90 (includes GST) per order, regardless of location.

Click[here]for more details on our Shipping Charges.


Q: Will I be definitely exempt from customs?

A: Goods valued over NZ$1000.00 may be charged an Import Transaction Fee (GST inclusive). We have placed limitations on purchase quantity so that you will not be charged the ITF, but please note that any customs duty that may occur is at the responsibility of the purchaser.

Coloured lenses

Q: Can I exchange contact lenses because the lens I purchased does not match the image on the website?

A: We will not exchange your contact lenses because they differ from the images shown on the website. We only accept exchanges when:

  • you find defective lens.
  • your prescription changes. (We only accept unopened and unexpired boxes)
  • you made a mistake in your order.

Q: What if I want to wear coloured contact lenses but I have 20/20 vision?

For customers with a 20/20 vision, we specially offer colour contact lenses with power[0.00]. However the base curve is only available in one size. In order to wear coloured contact lenses, you must consult your eye care provider if:
  • you are trying contact lens for the first time.
  • you have any allergies.
  • you do not understand how to handle contact lenses.
* We are not responsible for any kind of difficulties which are caused by using contact lenses. Please follow any instructions given to you by your eye care specialist.


About the lens data

Q: Where can I find my prescription data?

A: For customers currently using contact lenses.
Your contact lens box contains the information you need such as power, diameter and base curve.
For new users or customers who do not have their contact lens boxes.

  • You need to use the newest prescription provided by your eye care professionals.
  • Once you have purchased lenses, you can find the necessary data on your prescription or contact lens boxes and use that for future orders.
  • You will need to have PWR (power), BC (base curve) and DIA (diameter) information before you can place an order. If you have been prescribed for astigmatism you will need to have both CY (cylinder) and AX (axle) data as well.
Press [here] to see how to locate your lens data.

Q: Are BC and PWR different depending on the lens manufacturer?

A. Because of global standards, all manufacturers must use the same notation for PWR and BC. However, lens size, thickness, design and processing methods are different depending on the brand and the manufacturer. (If your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, your view will be different depending upon the manufacturer.) We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your physician and following his/her guidance on lens selection.

Note: Since we are not responsible for address errors on your part, we will charge a flat rate fee of NZ$13.90 to resend a package. Be advised that we hold undeliverable items for 30 days (after order date). If we don’t hear from you within that time, your order will be cancelled.

Q: Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my prescription data?

A. We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your eye doctor and only with his/her agreement should you use lenses with different DIA.

Q: I can not find lenses for long-sighted eyes (+) in the POWER list.

A. We only stock positive-power lenses(+) for multifocal lenses.
We have no immediate plans to stock positive-power lenses(+) other than multifocal lenses.
We regret any inconvenience.



Q: Do I need a prescription to place an order?

A: Yes, you must have a valid prescription under the applicable provincial state laws. We rely on you to ensure that your order is exactly the same as the prescription that was given by your eye care provider and that these lenses fit your eye comfortably. Therefore we do not take responsibility for any medical problems which might occur.

Q: How do I know the details of my prescription if I do not have a paper copy with me?

A: If you are currently using contact lenses, look for one of your contact lens boxes. They contain the information you need such as power, diameter and base curve. However if you are not sure about how to read those information from your contact lens boxes, we hope the graphic below can be of some assistance.

[How to find your lens data on your contact lens boxes]

  • Please use the newest prescription provided by your eye care professional.
  • You need to have PWR(power), BC(base curve) and DIA(diameter) to place an order. In addition, if your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, then you need to have both CY (cylinder) and an AX (axis) data.
  • Here are some examples of how to read your contact lens data from your boxes.


Lens Prescriptions

Q: Do I need to have my eyes examined before purchasing contact lenses?

A: Yes, contact lenses are medical devices and your eyes must be examined by a certified lens care professional before purchasing our merchandise. Additionally, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions and any guidance/instructions given to you by your eye care professional.

Q: Where can I find my lens data?

A: Yes, we strongly suggest having your eyes checked periodically as directed by your physician.

Q: Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my lens data?

A: Even if you are wearing contact lenses which are designed to be worn for multiple days and nights you should periodically remove them for cleaning or if you notice any irritation. Of course, the most important thing is to follow the instructions of your physician.



Q: What if I receive contact lenses that are different from what I have ordered?

A: Please contact us immediately by using the [inquiry form] with your name, order ID and the lens data which you have received. Then please send us the incorrect boxes as C.O.D. As soon as we receive the boxes, we will confirm your new order and re-send the new products.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Unfortunately once you have placed your order, we do not accept cancellations.

Q: How long will it takes to receive new items, if I return my lenses to change the lens data?

A: Especially when you exchange toric products, this may take a long time. In most cases, it will require some time as we locate the new lenses and verify that your returned lenses are still in their original packaging and not opened/damaged. Toric lenses take about 4 weeks to replace.

Q: What if I find a defective lens?

A: Please remove the lens immediately and contact us by using the[inquiry form]with your name, order ID and the lens data of your defective lens. We will instruct you where and how to send back the defective lenses. Please DO NOT throw your defective lens away. Be sure to include the original boxes (even if opened) when you return defective lenses to us.


Coupon / Discount

Q: What are coupons / discount codes?

A: To offer you even more ways to purchase your contact lenses for the lowest price in New Zealand we provide you with special online codes to get additional savings on your contact lenses. On the payment overview page you will find an input box into which you can enter coupon codes to redeem said discounts.
Coupons / discount codes are valid for a limited time only.

Q: Do coupons / discount expire or become invalid?

A: Please note that only one code per order and customer will be accepted.
Once you used a given code you will not be able to redeem discounts of this code again.
Codes will also become invalid after a certain expiration date.
You can find the expiration dates on the Quicklens New Zealand Facebook Fan Page.

Q: Where can I find coupon / discount codes?

A: Depending on the type of contact lens you are currently wearing, solutions vary. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation and follow the guidance of your eye care specialist when choosing solutions.

Q: How can I redeem coupon / discount codes?


Step 1: Payment method

  • (1)Be sure to enter your prescription and quantity desired by using the drop down boxes provided.
  • (2)Click [Add To Cart].

Step 2: Confirm items and log in

Next you will find a confirmation page that shows you exactly what you are ordering.

  • (1)Please confirm your order and verify both the quantity and prescription before continuing.
  • (2)If this is your first order, hit [Click here to register].
  • (3)If you have ordered before, hit [Click here to check out].

Step 3: Enter Coupon Codes and choose payment method

  • (1)Enter your Coupon / Discount Code into the input box.
  • * Deducted discounts will be displayed in the final payment overview

  • (2)Credit Card, PayPal, and bank transfer payments available. Please select your choice of payment method and click [Continue].
  • » Details of payment method

Step 4: Shipping information

  • (1)You will be presented with the registered address as your shipping address. You may change this information if you like.
  • (2)When you have confirmed that the shipping address is correct, click [Continue].

Step 5: Please confirm all details.

  • (1)Deducted discount (e.g. $5) and total amount due will be displayed.
  • (2)To change your order click [Return] to get back to the previous page.
  • (3)Please confirm your information and click [Complete my order] to place your order and continue with selected payment process.

Please note that we do not accept cancellations after you place an order.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our coupon / discount codes are redeemable only at QUICKLENS and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Please note that only one code per order will be accepted and a customer can redeem discounts for a certain coupon / discount code only once.
  • Quicklens reserves the right to extend, limit or change coupons / discount code promotions at any time.


Q: What kind of solution should I use?

A: It depends on what kind of contact lenses you have bought. There are many options available, but some solutions are designed for specific types of lenses. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation and follow the guidance of your physician when choosing solutions.

Q: Can I update the information in my profile?

A: Yes, you may change your registered information at [My Page]. However, if you have an open order, please contact us via email and let us know you want to change the delivery address. If the item has not been shipped, we can update the shipping information. Unfortunately, we cannot change the address once the item has left the distribution centre, so please verify your shipping address before placing an order.

Q: Do you issue a receipt? What information does it contain?

A: Our standard receipt that is enclosed with the delivered goods states customer name, purchase information (i.e. a breakdown of the total amount charged), payment method, and details of the products purchased (product name, optometric data of each product, quantity, unit cost and total cost of each product). Please note that we do not issue or reissue receipts to comply with an insurance company's specific requirements related to the content of receipts as part of the processing of a claim for an insurance rebate.