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SofLens 59 4-Boxes (24 Pack)


SofLens 59 4-Boxes (24 Pack)

SofLens 59 4-Boxes (24 Pack)

Products Information
(NZ$32.80 per box)
Lens Type
  Fortnightly disposable
Package Details
  6 lenses per box
Material Content
  41% Polymer (hilafilcon A)
Water Content

Bausch & Lomb

SofLens 59 4-Boxes (24 Pack)

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Product Description

SofLens 59 Bausch & Lomb provides a comfortable and easy to handle daily wear lens with a biweekly replacement schedule. Using Unifit technology to ensure precision fit and a visibility tint, these lenses are very easy to insert and remove. Engineered for highest comfort and visual acuity, SofLens 59 offers you the everyday comfort you have been looking for. Through their unique material and their 59% water content you will finally have a pleasant wearing experience from morning until evening.

Lens Details

  • Type: Bi-weekly disposable lenses.
  • Packaging: 6 Lenses per box.
  • Content: Provides the eyes with 59% of available water content.
  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
  • Benefits: Designed with easy handling visibility tint to provide easier insertion to your eyes.

SofLens 59 8-Boxes (48 Pack)

SofLens 59 8-Boxes (48 Pack)

Price: only NZ$261.60 (NZ$32.70 per box)


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