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Water content

moisturising materials


High oxygen permeability
Fits your eyes perfectly straight away.

Features of high water content lens

The higher the water content in a contact lens, the more oxygen reaches the cornea which is important for healthy eyes. The lens is soft and fits the eye comfortably due to the high water content.

High oxygen permeability and fits your eyes perfectly straight away

W-Moisture materials
Natural and comfortable to wear

Moisturising material 1
HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)

It is used in many cosmetics and as artificial tears for the treatment of dry eye. By blending HPMC in the lens preservative solution, a veil is formed on the lens surface and creates a more comfortable fit.

Moisturising material 2
PEG (polyethylene glycol)

It is water-soluble and is used as a material to smooth the texture of ointments, lotions and bath salts.

W-Moisture materials Natural and comfortable to wear

UV protection

What is UV?

Ultraviolet A (UV‑A) : long wave UV,not absorbed by the ozone layer, and is associated with skin aging (soft UV)
Ultraviolet B (UV‑B) : medium wave UV, ,mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, and is associated with skin burning (intermediate UV)
Ultraviolet C (UV-C) : short wave UV, completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere (hard UV)

How does UV harm our eyes?

Our eyes absorb sunlight in three parts: visible light, UVA rays and UVB rays.
When your eyes absorb too much of any type of light, the chemicals in your eye tissue react. Over-exposure to UV light can damage your cornea, lens and retina.
Three of the most common UV-related eye conditions are cataracts, pterygium (a viscous growth on the surface of the eye) and photokeratitis (or corneal sunburn).
Ophthalmologists warn that exposure to excessive UV light raises the risks of eye cancer and macular degeneration.

Protect yourself from UV!

We are exposed to higher levels of UV radiation than other countries due to our latitude, the thinner ozone layer and more.
Every time we go out into the sun without eye protection, we risk developing an eye disorder later in life.
Take the necessary measures to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays with wearing UV- protected contact lenses, sunglasses and hats etc as well as using sunscreen for your skin!

W-Moisture materials Natural and comfortable to wear


Qiet package
TypeOne-day disposable / Lens for all day wearClassificationGroup Ⅳ
Product NameQieto1dayPackaging30 lenses per box
22900BZX00076A09Water content55%
Ocufilcon DDk value19.6 (Our actual measurement value)
ManufacturingFull cast mold manufacturingDk / L value24.5 (Our actual measurement value at -3.00D)
Lens designAspherical Design, HD (High Definition)Main component
of preservative
Sodium chloride, phosphate buffer
Base curve8.7mmColorantPhthalocyanine blue
Power-0.50D ~ - 6.00D (0.25 increment)
-6.50D ~ -10.00D (0.50 increment)
UV cut rateUV-A about 84% (Our actual measurement value at -3.00D)
UV-B About 98% (Our actual measurement value at -3.00D)
Diameter14.2mmUV absorberBenzotriazole system
0.08mm (at -3.00D)Package size(30 lenses) 138mm x 13mm x 127mm


  • ・It is a one-day disposable lens. It cannot be worn continuously.
  • ・Use within the time specified by your ophthalmologist.
  • ・Be sure to inspect your lenses regularly to ensure there are no abnormalities.
  • ・Do not reuse used lenses.
  • ・Be sure to remove the lens before going to sleep.
  • ・If you feel any abnormalities such as rheumatism, redness, or foreign body, please see an ophthalmologist immediately.
*Contact lenses are highly controlled medical devices. Be sure to have an ophthalmologist inspect and prescribe and purchase contact lenses that suit your eyes.
*Contact lenses are used by placing them directly on the eyes. Improper handling of the lens can lead to eye damage.
*Be sure to read the package insert carefully and follow the instructions of your ophthalmologist to use it correctly.
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Support centre : info@quicklens.co.nz

Support centre : info@quicklens.co.nz
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