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Acuvue Vita (6 Pack)

Monthly disposable Contact lenses

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Silicone hydrogel


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Additional Information

Type: Monthly disposable

Packaging: 6 lenses per box

Content: 59% Senofilcon C (Silicone hydrogel) & 41% water

Brand: Acuvue

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Product Description
Acuvue Vita is a monthly contact lens from the renowned Acuvue brand by Johnson & Johnson. It incorporates the advanced HydraMax Technology, ensuring exceptional comfort and optimal eye hydration.

Crafted with silicone hydrogel material, this lens provides excellent oxygen permeability, allowing your eyes to breathe and stay healthy throughout the day.

In addition to providing superior comfort, this lens offers effective UV-blocking capabilities, protecting your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, long-lasting hydration, and reliable UV protection with Acuvue Vita (6 lenses, a three-month supply for both eyes), making it your preferred choice for a premium and satisfying eye care experience!

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