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How to use Coupon / Discount Codes

If you have any questions, you may find an answer in our FAQ.
In case you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[Step1] Put the items you wish to order into your shopping cart

(1) Be sure to enter your prescription and quantity desired by using the drop down boxes provided.

(2) Click [Add To Cart].

» Location of your prescription data

[Step2] Confirm items and log in

Next you will find a confirmation page that shows you exactly what you are ordering.

(1) Please confirm your order and verify both the quantity and prescription before continuing.

(2) If this is your first order, hit [Click here to register].

(3) If you have ordered before, hit [Click here to check out].

[Step3] Enter Coupon Codes and choose payment method

(1) Enter your Coupon / Discount Code into the input box.

* Deducted discounts will be displayed in the final payment overview

(2) Credit Card, PayPal, and bank transfer payments available. Please select your choice of payment method and click [Continue].

» Details of payment method

[Step4] Shipping information

(1) You will be presented with the registered address as your shipping address. You may change this information if you like.

(2) When you have confirmed that the shipping address is correct, click [Continue].

[Step5] The final confirmation

Please confirm all details.

(1) Deducted discount (e.g. $5) and total amount due will be displayed.

(2) To change your order click [Return] to get back to the previous page.

(3) Please confirm your information and click [Complete my order] to place your order and continue with selected payment process.

Please note that we do not accept cancellations after you place an order.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Our coupon / discount codes are redeemable only at quicklens.co.nz and are not redeemable for cash.
  2. Please note that only one code per order will be accepted and a customer can redeem discounts for a certain coupon / discount code only once.
  3. Quicklens reserves the right to extend, limit or change coupons / discount code promotions at any time.


Q01. What are coupons / discount codes?
To offer you even more ways to purchase your contact lenses for the lowest price in New Zealand we provide you with special online codes to get additional savings on your contact lenses. On the payment overview page you will find an input box into which you can enter coupon codes to redeem said discounts.
Coupons / discount codes are valid for a limited time only.

Q02. Do coupons / discount expire or become invalid?
Please note that only one code per order and customer will be accepted.
Once you used a given code you will not be able to redeem discounts of this code again.
Codes will also become invalid after a certain expiration date.
You can find the expiration dates on the Quicklens New Zealand Facebook Fan Page.

Q03. Where can I find coupon / discount codes?
We periodically announce coupons / discount codes on our Facebook Fan Page, via Twitter, by email and other different channels. To find out about the codes please follow or visit us on said places.
You can pass the coupon / discount codes to your friends and family so they can enjoy the same discount.